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Emily Brooks is an Illustrator who grew up loving flowers and plants in the small village of Kinderhook, New York. She attended the Rochester Institute of Technology with an Innovation and Creativity Scholarship and graduated with Honors. Emily now works as a Freelance Illustrator in Upstate NY and is co-owner of The Foliage Library LLC, a pop-up book series about nature. The work she creates combines her love of botany with her knowledge and understanding of geometry.

The work shown here falls under the categories of Realism, Cartooning, Organic Geometries, and Botanical Surrealism. The botanical work shown in this portfolio was inspired by a love for nature, and is appropriate for viewers of all ages. These illustrations show the details of plants in a realistic way to enhance the viewer's knowledge of their characteristics, allowing it to be properly identified. Emily's memories are a major source of inspiration for her work, especially exploring wildlife down by the creek in her youth, and studying the plants in her family's large flower garden.

Her cartoons and children's illustrations are whimsical and surreal, with an emphasis on organic form and natural settings. The work has a fun-loving, innocent, mischief inspired mood, a kind of entertainment that is enjoyable for people of all ages. Technical skill and an awareness of perspective and atmosphere are used to make simple characters come to life within a setting. While some images involve a humorous play on words, others are simply conceptual or tell a story.

These works are planned out in pencil, lovingly rendered in pen and ink, and colored either with delicate, careful layers of watercolor or in Photoshop. All imagery has been either imagined based on prior observation of life, or has occurred in one of Emily's numerous vivid dreams.

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